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 Dear consumers, industry colleagues and partners:

We, as the source production factory of smart portable musical instruments, hereby make a statement. Our company trademark is "KONIX", which has been registered worldwide and protected by 15 categories of international trademarks. We focus on the sales, production and R&D of smart portable musical instruments, and are committed to providing high-quality, innovative products to consumers around the world.

Recently, we have discovered that unscrupulous merchants have obtained goods from our factory without authorization, pretending to be official channels to sell our products, and at the same time spreading false information, claiming that our source factory is fake. This behavior not only seriously infringes on our brand and trademark rights, but also disrupts market order and damages consumer rights.

We hereby solemnly declare that any unauthorized use of the "KONIX" trademark or pretending to be official channels to sell our products is illegal and extremely unethical. We strongly urge relevant merchants to immediately stop infringements, publicly clarify and correct mistakes, and jointly maintain a good market environment.

We call on consumers, industry colleagues and partners to remain vigilant, recognize official channels and genuine logos, and choose formal channels to purchase "KONIX" brand products to ensure their own rights and interests. At the same time, we also thank everyone for your continued support and trust. We will continue to increase investment, continuously improve product quality and service levels, and bring a better experience to consumers.

We firmly believe that only by jointly maintaining a good market order and brand image can we achieve sustainable development and win-win results. We will take all necessary legal means to resolutely crack down on infringements and safeguard our legitimate rights and interests.

Hereby Declare!