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Midi Keyboard controller 25 Key konix MD03 professional Digital Piano Musical Instrument


Midi Keyboard controller 25 Key konix MD03 professional Digital Piano Musical Instrument

A compact MIDI keyboard with 25 keys, including black keys. Experience precise pitch control, octave adjustment, and seamless semitone transposition. Elevate your performance with dynamic and arpeggiator functions, alongside customizable controllers and Bluetooth MIDI connectivity.

  • Model: MD03
  • Features: ● Compact and Portable: The MD03 MIDI keyboard boasts a sleek design, making it easy to carry and set up anywhere, ideal for musicians on the go.
  • ● Versatile Controls: With customizable controllers and drum pad settings, it offers flexibility for tailored performances and intuitive music creation.
  • ● Seamless Connectivity: Enjoy hassle-free Bluetooth MIDI connectivity for wireless control and USB power for convenient usage without the need for batteries.
  • ●Professional Quality: Built to meet CE and RoHs standards, the MD03 ensures reliable performance and adherence to industry regulations, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Product Introduction

Unleash your musical creativity with the Konix MD03 MIDI keyboard. Its 25 keys, dynamic controls, and customizable pads empower you to explore new melodies effortlessly. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting, its compact design and Bluetooth MIDI connectivity offer unparalleled convenience. Elevate your performances with pitch control, arpeggi functions, and auto-accompaniment. Powered by USB, it's perfect for studio sessions or on-the-go inspiration. CE and RoHs certified, it ensures both professional quality and environmental responsibility. With the MD03, dive into a world of endless musical possibilities. 

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Enhanced Mobility: Compact design for effortless portability, enabling seamless music creation on-the-go.

Intuitive Controls: Customizable pads and controllers offer versatile performance options tailored to your unique style.

Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy the freedom of Bluetooth MIDI, eliminating cable clutter and streamlining your setup.

Professional Standards: CE and RoHs certification ensure reliable quality and compliance with industry standards, promising a professional-grade musical experience.

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Product details

Unleash Your Creativity On-the-Go
1. The Konix MD03 MIDI keyboard redefines portability, offering a compact design and USB power supply. Whether you're in the studio or jamming with friends, its mobility ensures you're never far from your musical inspiration.

Intuitive Control, Expressive Performance
 2.  With customizable controllers and drum pads, the MD03 adapts to your unique playing style, allowing you to trigger samples, tweak synth parameters, or lay down beats with ease. Express yourself freely, without limitations.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity
3.  Experience the freedom of Bluetooth MIDI, eliminating cable clutter and streamlining your setup. From pitch manipulation to dynamic arpeggiations, the MD03 empowers you to explore new musical territories wirelessly and effortlessly. 

Product Name 25 keys MIDI  keyboard controller Product Size About :34.6*17.8*5.1cm
Product No MD03 Product Speaker NO
Product Feature OLED display Product Material ABS
Product Function Tremolo, semitone joystick,360° infinite knob Product Supply  DC 5V
Connect the device 6.35MM sustain pedal, MIDI output interface, type-c power interface Precautions Need to be tiled when practicing