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Portable Midi Keyboard Controller MD05-25/32/49 Keys Mini Professional Digital Electronic Piano


Portable Midi Keyboard Controller MD05-25/32/49 Keys Mini Professional Digital Electronic Piano

Introducing the Konix MD05-25/32/49 Portable Audio MIDI Keyboard Controller. Featuring GEN2 MIDI keys for enhanced responsiveness and precision. Illuminate your performance with color backlit strike pads, while chromatic shift and high/low octave options expand your musical range. Navigate effortlessly with rocker control, and explore new possibilities with auto accompaniment features. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the MD05 series empowers you to create and perform with unparalleled versatility and convenience. Elevate your music production experience with Konix.

  • Model: MD05-25/32/49
  • Features: ● Enhanced Playability: GEN2 MIDI keys offer improved sensitivity and accuracy, ensuring a dynamic and expressive playing experience.
  • ● Visual Feedback: Color backlit strike pads provide intuitive visual cues, enhancing performance and creativity.
  • ● Expanded Musical Range: Chromatic shift and high/low octave options enable versatile exploration of melodies and harmonies.
  • ●Intuitive Control: Navigate seamlessly with rocker control, while auto accompaniment features add depth and complexity to your compositions.

Product Introduction

 Konix MD05-25/32/49 MIDI Keyboard Controller. Designed for musicians of all levels, it combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive features. Experience enhanced playability with GEN2 MIDI keys and unleash your creativity with color backlit strike pads. With chromatic shift and high/low octave options, explore a vast musical range effortlessly. The MD05 series offers intuitive control through rocker control and introduces auto accompaniment features for enriched compositions. Whether you're in the studio or on stage, the MD05 ensures a seamless and immersive music production experience.

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Precision Performance:GEN2 MIDI keys deliver exceptional accuracy and responsiveness, elevating every keystroke for an unparalleled playing experience.

Visual Creativity:  Color backlit strike pads and chromatic shift capabilities add a visual dimension to music creation, inspiring innovative compositions and performances.

Expanded Musical Range:High and low octave options broaden your creative palette, enabling exploration of diverse sounds and melodies with ease.

Intuitive Control:Rocker control ensures effortless navigation, while auto accompaniment features provide a rich backdrop for compositions, enhancing versatility and creativity.

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Product details

Elevated Performance Experience
1.The Konix MD05-25/32/49 sets a new standard in performance excellence. Featuring GEN2 MIDI keys, each keystroke is met with precision and responsiveness, empowering musicians to express themselves with unparalleled accuracy and dynamics.

Innovative Design for Creative Expression
 2.  With color backlit strike pads and chromatic shift capabilities, the MD05 series adds a visual dimension to music creation. Explore a spectrum of sounds and melodies effortlessly, as high and low octave options expand your creative palette, enabling you to compose with depth and complexity.

Effortless Control and Versatility 
3.  Rocker control ensures intuitive navigation, allowing users to seamlessly adjust parameters and settings on the fly. Meanwhile, the inclusion of auto accompaniment features provides a rich and immersive backdrop for your compositions, whether you're practicing, performing, or producing in the studio. 

Product Name 25 32 49 Keys MlDl controlle! Product Size About 383*114mm/466*114mm/675*114mm
Product No MD05-25,MD05-32,MD05-49 Product Speaker NO
Product Feature Shift/trill Product Material ABS
Product Function 0SX10.7 and above system,Intel processorminimum 2G memory
Product Supply Type-C power supply
Connect the device Support to connect the extra speaker, earphone, computer, pad Precautions Need to be tiled when practicing